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Do you wish you could just step outside your door and pick fresh, delicious fruits and vegetables?  Do you enjoy outdoor activity and teaching your kids self reliance skills?  If you have a yard - even a small one - you can.

I teach New Earth Gardening -  a method that uses yard debris, grass clippings, food waste and leaves to create fertile, easily manageable raised garden beds. As New Earth Gardeners we serve our families by providing nutritious food. We serve our communities by reducing waste and conserve water and we serve the earth by returning carbon back to the soil and hereby contributing to the fight against climate change.

Join us, it won't take you long to go from...
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My Classes

I use PowerPoint to teach a beginners' gardening course that covers "Garden planning and bed installation", " Composting and soil fertility.", "What to plant when", Insect control and disease prevention.   I also offer more advanced classes such as "Fruits in the southern landscape", "Starting vegetables and flowers from seeds", and " Keeping backyard chickens".

Please email for more detailed information!


Do you have questions about your garden? Confused how/ where to start your garden? Not sure what plants to sow and when? My onsite garden consultation is like a private class with your personal instructor. In just an hour or two I can give you the confidence to grow your own food and flowers. I will show you how to avoid costly and time consuming mistakes. Contact me for details.

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is a guiding principle for the creation of a sustainable future. New Earth Gardeners are at the forefront of the movement. By growing produce right next to the kitchen we reduce fossil fuel consumption and packaging material. We use yard debris as foundation for raised beds which returns carbon to the soil and reduces the amount of trash sanitation departments have to handle. We build community by sharing gardening knowledge and produce.


My Story

Hi, my name is Heidi Lux. I was born and raised in Germany when the country was still recovering from the ravages of WWII. My family had lost everything and suffered from posttraumatic stress. Growing up was not easy. But there were good times. Among my fondest  memories are the hours we spent working together in the garden and  the astonishing effect it had on my parents. Working with soil and plants melted the stress and tension away and replaced with patience and presence. The  delicious berries, fruits and vegetabIes our garden produced provided a feeling of abundance. I realized early on that gardening makes the world a better place.

My desire to share this with the world led to my choice of profession.

My credentials are:

  • MS  Sustainable Organic Agriculture

  • Advanced Prof. Training in Nature Conservation and Environmental Protection

  • Certified Beekeeper

  • Certified "Squarefoot Gardening" teacher

Meet the Gardener

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